Online Recipe Storage & Organization

      I can spend hours looking at recipes online. The recipes all look so good and I want to try almost every one. The question is…how do I find that one amazing recipe when I’m ready to make it? Online Recipe Storage doesn’t have to be spread out among the “recipe boxes” of your […]

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Dinner Recipes: Cheeseburger Pie

Image Credit: Kyna A popular dinner recipe from when I was growing up is being featured on Great Expectations.   This is a kid-friendly comfort food type of dish: Cheeseburger Pie.  See the recipe here. Along with the recipe I give tips for modifications and making the recipe healthier. (Back in the 70s most recipes […]

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Dinner Tonight: Beef Taco Bake

Not sure what to make for dinner tonight?  Meals that can be made from leftover ingredients are a hit with busy moms.   What about a Beef Taco Bake.  A recipe is given below.  More can be found at Food.com. Casseroles are a great dinner option.  They generally involve a little preparation followed by some baking […]

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What to Make For Dinner: Asparagus Quiche

How do you decide what to make for dinner?  Do you plan or do you just make something out of what is in the fridge? Tonight, dinner was decided based on what leftovers needed to be used up.  Is this a common occurrence in your household?  It happens pretty regularly in mine.  Today the refrigerator […]

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