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Holiday Tips: Your Christmas Preparation Cheats

The holidays are a lot more fun when you leave your stress behind. In this article we’ll cover holiday tips to help with your Christmas preparation. Preparing For Christmas – Holiday tips to guide you through your Christmas prep, starting mid-November. Your Holiday Planning Budget for Gifts and Celebrations – Spend a few minutes making […]

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Gift Giving 101 – What To Do When Your Idea Fails

Is giving the the perfect gift always possible? From experience, it definitely isn’t. When you don’t know a person well gift giving can be very difficult. Even for family members giving a present that is appreciated can be hard. How do you determine whether a present was successful? Appreciation – Is it important to you […]

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Scan Your Old Family Photos

Digitize Your Old Family Photos By: Lori Thayer Have you ever inherited family photo albums?  What did you do with them? Are they sitting in a box in your basement collecting dust and not being enjoyed? I was given the photo albums from my childhood as well as genealogy photos my Mother had found in […]

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An Anniversary Gift That Will Last Forever

My husband and I recently celebrated our anniversary.  We decided we didn’t want to exchange anniversary gifts this year. Instead we wanted to go away for the weekend and try something new. We enjoy visiting Bed and Breakfasts in our state so we picked one with a unique offering: a cheese making class. The Bed and Breakfast was […]

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