Make Gifts They’ll Love

by Lori

Make Gifts They'll Love

Make Gifts They’ll Love

By: Lori Thayer

I love to make gifts that people can use. So many of us have way more stuff than we need or want. This year instead of buying something, make gifts that your family and friends will love.

Make Gifts That Soothe And Bring Comfort

  • Bathing Beauties 
    • Bath Salts – Use epsom salts and essential oils to make beautiful looking and smelling bath salts. Lavender essential oil is one of my favorites for the bath. Add 5 drops per cup and if you desire a color, use food coloring. Mix a few drops into each cup of epsom salts. Package in a lovely container with a ribbon.
    • Bath Bombs 
    • Homemade Air Freshener – Fill a jar about 1/4 full with baking soda and add 6-8 drops of lavender essential oil (or another favorite). 
  • Candles
    • It’s easy to make your own candles. I use Peak Candle for supplies. Schedule an afternoon and you can easily make dozens of candles that make gifts that are lovely and smell great. View basic instructions here

Make Food Gifts

  • Cookies – Cookies make a great gift. People love cookies and they evoke wonderful memories of childhood. Homemade cookies are easy to make and can be packaged beautifully as a gift.
  • Bread – Homemade bread is another fabulous treat. There are many lovely varieties you can make (not fruitcake though!). Check out the Artisan Bread in 5 days books for great, hassle free dough recipes.
  • Gift jars – make a mix for cookies, bread, soups, etc in a mason jar. Layer the ingredients to give it a pretty look and wrap with instructions and a ribbon.
  • Liquor – Make flavored liquor or even egg nog. Fruit infused liquors are fun to make and look very nice.
  • Infused oils

What homemade gifts are on your list to make this year. Share your plans in the comments below.

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Lori Thayer is passionate about finding ways to optimize life. As a step-mom of two teenagers, a full-time software tester and a momprenuer she knows how busy life can be. She is dedicated to finding ways to be more efficient and find tools to optimize life so that she can spend more time enjoying life with her family. She loves to hike, camp, read, learn about energy, wellness and online marketing as well as singing karaoke with her husband on the xbox at home.

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