Back To School Stress Relief

Back To School Stress Relief On your mark, get set, go! It feels like that once Back To School season rolls around doesn’t it? There is so much to do… The kids need new clothes School supplies – what is needed, where to get them, how to get a good deal School registration and pictures […]

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FAQ: Can I Use FasterEFT On Others?

FasterEFT FAQ Series: Can I Use FasterEFT On Others Using FasterEFT on yourself is great and highly recommended. Using it on others should only be done when you’ve attended FasterEFT training. Learn more about why in this video. FasterEFT is a great tool and wanting to help others is fabulous. To do so safely you […]

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Unable To Forgive? Learn How To Make It Easier

Are you unable to forgive? Forgiveness can be hard, whether it is to another person or even yourself? Find a little relief from unable to forgive In this video tap along with me using FasterEFT to release that unable to forgive feeling. What to do: Find an issue or person you are unable to forgive […]

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Letting Go Of The Weight On Your Shoulders

Do carry weight on your shoulders? I know I have often felt like I had weight on my shoulders. In this video I’ll share a quick and easy way to release that weight on your shoulders Sometimes these phrases that we often hear and repeat start to manifest in our bodies. If this phrase resonates with […]

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