Unable To Forgive? Learn How To Make It Easier

Are you unable to forgive? Forgiveness can be hard, whether it is to another person or even yourself? Find a little relief from unable to forgive In this video tap along with me using FasterEFT to release that unable to forgive feeling. What to do: Find an issue or person you are unable to forgive […]

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Letting Go Of The Weight On Your Shoulders

Do carry weight on your shoulders? I know I have often felt like I had weight on my shoulders. In this video I’ll share a quick and easy way to release that weight on your shoulders Sometimes these phrases that we often hear and repeat start to manifest in our bodies. If this phrase resonates with […]

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How FasterEFT Increased My Productivity

  How FasterEFT Increased My Productivity: Unexpectedly, after attending FasterEFT Level I in Oct 2014, I found that FasterEFT increased my productivity. Here is how…I spent several FasterEFT sessions working on productivity related issues like… all of the unfinished projects I had and how I was beating myself up about things I hadn’t done. After […]

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FasterEFT Training Level II Recap

I attended FasterEFT Training,Level II, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma June 15-19th, 2015. Each day I recorded a recap of my training experiences during the day. Follow along and see if FasterEFT Training is right for you. Find a FasterEFT Training Course!         Find a FasterEFT Training Course! What we learned during FasterEFT […]

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