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Strangers At The Door? Let Go Of Your Dislike In This Tap-Along

 (Recorded live on a Periscope) Do you hate when strangers come to the door? Never does this happen more than on Halloween when the trick or treaters are out in force. While the cute kids may not be as bad you may still find it makes you uneasy. Or maybe you turn off all the […]

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FAQ: How To Tap With FasterEFT

How To Tap With FasterEFT In this video I’ll walk you through a quick tapping session. This is a good way to prepare for an upcoming session or as a refresher for yourself. First, think of something you don’t like Take a food for example. Maybe beets, liver or cow tongue? What do you feel an […]

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FAQ: What Is FasterEFT?

What is FasterEFT? Quick 15 sec description! The EFT stands for Emotionally Focused Transformation. FasterEFT works with the mind / body connection. As you start to change the beliefs that are held in the mind you will have impacts in the body. You will then start to see changes quickly and easily. Want to learn […]

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I Love A Rainy Night (30 Days Of Love)

I love a rainy night, I love sitting on my porch enjoying the sounds, sight and smell of the rain. In this 30 Days Of Love series, I am focusing more on the things I love and deliberately appreciating them more.

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